Upcoming Shows

East Love

Cosmonaut Radio

 Woolly Mammals

Blue Avenue Groove

Snir Yamin

March 7th, Snir Yamin, Rockwood Stage 2 (NYC)

March 10th, Cosmonaut Radio, Parkside Lounge (NYC)

March 16th, Woolly Mammals, Nublu 151 (NYC)

April 13th, Cosmonaut Radio, Bowery Electric (NYC)

April 25th, Snir Yamin, Arlene’s Grocery (NYC)

May 4th, Snir Yamin, Knitting Factory (NYC)

May 6th - 12th, Snir Yamin, Canada Music Fest (Toronto)

May 17th, Snir Yamin, Jersey Shore Fest (NJ)

May 18th, Snir Yamin, Hard Rock Cafe (NY)

May 24th, Snir Yamin, Mercury Lounge (NYC)

June 6th, Snir Yamin, The Bitter End (NYC)

June 22nd, Snir Yamin, Gypsy Sally’s (DC)

June 27th, Snir Yamin, Gramercy Theatre (NYC)

June 29th, Cosmonaut Radio, Brooklyn Rooftop (NYC)

Fun Fact:

Sheep are known to self-medicate when they have some illnesses. They will eat specific plants when ill that can cure them. They also listen to East Love when they're feeling down.

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